We are a professional association for classical ballet teachers, dedicated to enhancing the quality of classical ballet teaching in Western Australia through collectively sharing knowledge and best practices in teaching.

The perfect place for ballet teachers in Western Australia


WACBTA runs regular educational events, available to members and non-members. Our educational programmes are under ongoing ... development, based on direct feedback from teachers, and will explore areas such as preparation of the body, teaching methods and strategies, lesson planning, safe dance, improvisation, preparation of barres, centre practice, allegro and pointe work for recreational or vocational levels, musicality, managing physical anomalies, and other areas of interest to teachers. Our aim is to be responsive to the needs of our members, and provide practical information on issues and topics that will be of concrete benefit to our members, and assist them in enhancing their teaching practice.


Our regular meetings (generally at least every 2-3 months) provide the opportunity for our members to actively engage in on-going professional ... development, and to help position the Association to be optimally effective in achieving its objectives of enhancing teaching in Western Australia through the sharing of knowledge. Members are provided with an avenue to have direct input to help shape their profession into the future.

Peer support

Whether members are experienced ballet teachers prepared to share their knowledge with others, teachers new to the profession who would like the chance to learn... from experienced colleagues, or teachers at any stage of their career who wish to keep up with the latest information on best practices in ballet education, WACBTA provides a forum for passing on information, sharing common problems and potential solutions, and identifying and managing trends or issues within the profession.


The Association offers members the opportunity to network with their peers, become more aware of available resources, to form connections and alliances, and interact ... with their colleagues. WACBTA provides the chance to confer on issues of mutual interest, and as a conduit for sharing practical solutions, to reduce possible isolation and provide assistance from within the profession.

what’s happening with ballet teaching in Western Australia?

A membership with us will enable you to explore a range of resources to keep you in touch with what is happening in classical ballet teaching in Western Australia.


Would you like to help WACBTA continue to inspire, mentor and guide the next generation of classical ballet teachers?   We gratefully accept donations to help young teachers acquire national educational qualifications in ballet teaching.   You can learn more or donate here.





Our Core Values

Our core values are inclusion, sharing and respect. We aim to provide a safe and inclusive forum for classical ballet teachers in Western Australia which respects and values each individual experience and allows the collective knowledge to be shared.

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